Optimizing a Website Using the Right Reporting Tools

If you are attempting to learn which of the marketing initiatives is leading to conversions and traffic, you might want to look at the availability of the online performance tools like Google Analytics. A high-quality reporting tool makes it easier to concentrate the marketing efforts on the more important areas that are likely to result in the best return on investment.

Google Analytics offers a perfect resource for monitoring all-types of websites. If you are running an e-commerce site, you have the opportunity to monitor specific data related to user interaction on the website, which might relate to specific actionable methods to increase sales, how visitors are navigating the site, and date related to items purchased. If you have a situation of shoppers abandoning the shopping cart mid way through a shop, you are able to use the stored data to established with pages might be causing the problems. A specific page can easily be changed or updated in an attempt to increase sales or conversions.

Tracking information offered by Google Analytics is wide-ranging and includes basic information for all pages, including:

Bounce rate: Use this data to see which pages seem to be receiving the higher bounce rates. Adjustments can now be made to those pages in the hope of improving on the performance.

Exit Pages: Get a complete ideal of which pages a visitor is more likely to leave the website. For instance if the highest rated exit page is a sign-up newsletter page that features as a standard part of the check out process, it might be necessary to make some chances to that page. Moving the sign-up box elsewhere on the website might be more beneficial.

Conversion rate: By referring to the data on the conversion page you are able to monitor the marketing efforts to establish which promotional strategies are working most effectively.

Social media data: You can use the social media information to see which pages are shard and most popular. This should give a great indicator of the listed products that should be promoted more heavily.

Device used: If you start to notice a high volume of traffic coming from the mobile devices, you might want to look at developing a dedicated app or mobile site.

Income per keyword/page: A further quality of the tracking tools is to see which keywords and pages are turning into successful sales. With a list of buyer keywords you are able to target those more aggressively in the hope of further increasing the sales.

By taking the necessary action to monitor the most successful pages and inventory, it is that much easier for a company to continue to promote the most successful pages and products available on the e-commerce websites.

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